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 Cake Flavour Menu

What will one will you choose?

I pride myself on creating not only great tasting cakes but ones that are produced with the highest quality ingredients. I source eggs from my local shop here in South Skye, which come from happy little hens that are free to roam. I use organic extracts for all cakes, which ensures the best flavour. 

Wedding cakes are filled with a light and airy buttercream, Bonne Maman preserves, curds and spreads. They are then then coated in a luxurious Callebaut Belgium Chocolate ganache (a vegan option of this is also available, which has been tried, tested and perfected) and finished in The Sugarpaste fondant for birthday cakes or Massa Ticino Swiss fondant for wedding cakes. 

Scroll through my drool-worthy cake flavours below, which one will be your favourite?

Most flavours can be slightly adjusted to be Vegan or Gluten Free.

Please contact me to discuss any allergies or special dietary requirements.

Classic Victoria

Simple but delicious

~ Vanilla sponge 
~ Vanilla buttercream
~ Raspberry or strawberry tart jam

Raspberry White Chocolate

Deliciously tart

~ Freeze-dried raspberry and white chocolate sponge
~ White Chocolate buttercream 
~ Raspberry conserve

Cherry Almond

A marmite'll either love it or hate it, but don't knock it until you've tried it!

~ Almond and cherry sponge 
~ Almond buttercream
~ Cherry preserve

Raspberry and Coconut

For the coconut lovers!

~ Creamed coconut sponge 
~ Raspberry buttercream
~ A lashing of tart raspberry conserve

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Chocolate Vanilla

For the lighter palate of chocolate cake

~ Rich chocolate sponge 
~ Vanilla buttercream

Double Chocolate

Going all out chocolate!

~ Rich chocolate sponge 
~ Chocolate buttercream
~ Dark Chocolate Ganache

Chocolate Hazelnut

Making everyone happy

~ Rich chocolate and crushed hazelnut sponge
~ Chocolate hazelnut buttercream
~ Hazelnut spread
~ Crushed hazelnuts

Dark Cherry Chocolate

The perfect take on Black Forest

~ Rich chocolate sponge 
~ Cherry syrup
~ Vanilla Buttercream 
~ Dark cherry preserve

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Pistachio and Rosewater

The perfect match

~ Rosewater and crushed pistachio sponge 
~ Rosewater buttercream
~ Pistachio cream

Lemon Scottish Elderflower

A summer combo

~ Lemon and elderflower sponge

~ Lemon and elderflower buttercream 

~ Lemon Curd

~ Elderflowers picked from my mother-in-law's garden and bottled into a syrup

*please note that this is only available in season, out with the elderflower season I will use Bottlegreen hand-picked elderflower cordial.

White Chocolate Fudge

For the white chocolate lover!

~ White chocolate sponge 
~ White chocolate buttercream
~ White chocolate ganache

Lemon Blueberry

A lush combo

~ Lemon and blueberry sponge 
~ Lemon buttercream
~ Wild blueberry preserve

Cake Flavours: Services

Would you like to try some of the cake flavours before booking your wedding cake? Or maybe you have booked your cake and you just need help in deciding what flavours to choose? Cake tasting sessions are held at different times throughout the year and can be held in-house at my home or via zoom in the comfort of your own home.

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