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Image by Casey Horner

Investing in our Planet

My Sustainability Pledge

I have committed to planting trees through Ecologi for every fondant celebration and wedding cake order that is fulfilled. I am an eco-conscious cake business and I have adopted measures to ensure that I use environmentally friendly products where I can. I very rarely use plastic in my business and where I can't find another solution I recycle all soft plastics. 

I use biodegradable packaging for my orders and wooden dowels for my stackable cakes (never plastic). I use packing peanuts for the safe padding needed for posting orders, that are made from potato starch. These can be reused or dissolved in water. 

This is something that is extremely important to me as a person and also a cake business owner, where plastic waste can be quite high. 

I am working to find a better solution for the cellophane wrap that I use for sealing up boxed cake orders and my little postable cake samples. Any suggestions are welcome! 

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